Building a better future

Care is deeply woven into Aedifica’s DNA. We invest in care properties that meet the needs of their users as closely as possible. But that’s not the only way we care for our communities and contribute to a better future. Through financial support to charities, partnerships with non-profit organisations and in-kind donations, Aedifica brings positive, sustainable change to society.

In 2022, Aedifica is focusing its support to charities on three central themes: improving the quality of life of those in need of care, tackling poverty, and innovation in the healthcare sector. In addition, we have supported the victims of the war in Ukraine.

Improving the quality of life of those in need of care

Drawing on research that demonstrated improvements in the social and emotional skills of Alzheimer’s patients through music therapy, classical concerts were organised in six Dutch care residences in collaboration with the Philomela Foundation. We also supported victims of domestic violence residing in the Pääkaugin Turvakoti shelter in Helsinki. Our contribution enabled the shelter to purchase, among other things, digitisation screens. Lastly, we provided financial support to Escalpade, a Belgian non-profit organisation that organises care, leisure and educational activities and builds adapted schools for people with disabilities.

Tackling poverty

Aedifica helped children in poverty by contributing to Rackets Cubed, a UK-based charity that runs sports, education and nutrition programmes. In Germany, we donated to food bank Frankfurter Tafel. We also provided support to socially vulnerable mothers and their children through Nasci and Mamma United. These Belgian and Swedish organisations address poverty and social exclusion by providing low-threshold first-line assistance. Moreover, Aedifica matched the amount raised by its staff during the ‘Warmest Week‘, a Belgian event that provides financial support to more than 270 projects fighting poverty.

Innovation in the healthcare sector

Aedifica contributes to innovation within the healthcare sector not only with its sustainable real estate concepts, but also by supporting research and development. This year, we donated to the Leuven Brain Institute, which is carrying out research at KU Leuven to find solutions for brain diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, depression.

Support for victims in Ukraine

Finally, we also provided support to victims of the war in Ukraine. In addition to financial support to Ukrainian children and refugees through UNICEF and UNHCR, Aedifica also provided material support through BEforUkraine, a Belgian non-profit organisation that sends medical supplies to Ukraine and facilitates the accommodation of refugees in Belgium.

  • €60,000 total support to charities in 2022