As evidenced by our tagline ‘housing with care’, the concept of ‘care’ is deeply embedded in Aedifica’s DNA. We commit to deliver on that motto in an environmentally and socially responsible way within our portfolio, with our partners and in our own organisation.

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“Aedifica commits to achieving net zero emissions for its entire portfolio by 2050 to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement.”
Stefaan Gielens, CEO

2023 key achievements

  • 86% energy consumption data coverage
  • 158kWh/m²
    net energy use intensity (-5%)
  • 9/10 employees would recommend Aedifica as a Great Place to Work
  • +18%
    increase in EPC coverage to 90%
  • 25% of our properties have a green lease annex
  • 41% of our properties have leases with a quality-of-care commitment
Find out more about our environmental achievements in our 2023 Environmental Data report.