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At Aedifica, we do not limit ourselves to just one country. Our portfolio is spread across the entire European continent and currently spans 6 countries: Belgium, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom. We have a track record of entering new markets and rapidly creating a platform for further growth, so you can expect us to continue to explore new countries in the future.

  • € 3,193 m fair value
  • 454 properties
  • 32,000 residents


Aedifica acquired its first Belgian care homes in 2006. Since then, we have accumulated a portfolio of care homes and seniors apartments of more than 1 billion euros. Our properties are well maintained and offer potential for further improvement through ongoing and identified extension and upgrade projects.

  • € 1,046 m fair value
  • 78 properties
  • 7,838 residents


Aedifica made its first investments in Germany in 2013. Since then, our portfolio has grown significantly through the acquisition of large portfolios and individual buildings. In 2017, we closed a major deal with Specht Gruppe for the construction of 17 brand new care campuses in Germany. Of that deal, 4 buildings have already been completed.

  • € 590 m fair value
  • 71 properties
  • 5,828 residents


Since our first investments in the Dutch market, our portfolio has grown significantly. Aedifica’s presence in the Netherlands is bound to increase even more, because of our significant pipeline of development projects. Almost all of our care properties in the Netherlands are recently constructed and include care homes, small-scale care residences, seniors apartments and specialist residential care centres.

  • € 426 m fair value
  • 54 properties
  • 2,170 residents

United Kingdom

Aedifica entered the UK market at the beginning of 2019, following the acquisition of a significant portfolio of 90 care homes. Since then, Aedifica has further expanded its portfolio through the acquisition of several new care properties. Our portfolio offers good geographical diversification with locations all across the United Kingdom.

  • € 610 m fair value
  • 96 properties
  • 6,250 residents


Aedifica’s portfolio in Finland includes care homes, children day-care centres and specialist residential care centres. All buildings are recently constructed and purpose-built. Our presence in Finland is bound to expand over the next few years thanks to a significant pipeline of development projects. Our Finnish care properties are developed and rented out by Hoivatilat, our local subsidiary.

  • € 516 m fair value
  • 153 properties
  • 9,542 residents


Aedifica’s first projects in Sweden were completed in 2020. Our current portfolio includes small-scale residential care centres for disabled persons and children day-care centres. We have several more projects lined up and under construction. It is our intention to also add care homes to our Swedish portfolio in the future. As in Finland, our Swedish properties are developed and rented out by Hoivatilat, our local subsidiary.

  • € 4 m fair value
  • 2 properties
  • 12 residents


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