Aedifica improves its GRESB score

Aedifica achieved a score of 66/100 on its second participation in the GRESB, a significant improvement of 9 points compared to last year. This has increased our Green Star rating from one to two stars. This solid result is a great reward for the sustainability efforts made by the team over the past year.

Sustainable entrepreneurship is deeply embedded in Aedifica’s DNA. The Group is committed to environmentally and socially responsible investment and development, all the way from start to finish. Based on its ambitious action plan, Aedifica can take targeted action to achieve its ESG objectives. These actions not only contribute to a stronger and more responsible organisation in general, but also to a better GRESB score.

Aedifica’s ambitious sustainability strategy is paying off, as evidenced by the score of its second participation in the GRESB. Aedifica achieved 66/100 for the reference year 2020. This is a significant improvement of 9 points compared to the reference year 2019.

Thanks to our ambitious ESG action plan, we will continue to make progress on corporate social responsibility in the coming years. Through this continuous effort, we will also further improve our GRESB result.
Stefaan Gielens – CEO

What is GRESB?

GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) is an independent real estate benchmark that assesses the sustainability policy of real estate companies. Each year GRESB evaluates the sustainability performance of real estate in terms of environmental, social and governance aspects (ESG) on the basis of international reporting frameworks and regional guidelines.