Aedifica equips all its German care homes with smart meters

As part of its ambitious sustainability strategy, Aedifica has committed to measure the water and energy consumption of 80% of its properties by 2025. In order to reach that goal, we invest in the installation of a digital consumption metering system. Over the past few months, the system was installed in several of our Belgian care homes. Now we will tackle all 73 care homes of our German portfolio.

Reliable data is essential in order to take concrete actions on sustainability. By equipping all our 73 German care homes with smart meters, we empower our operators and have the right tools to make our portfolio even more sustainable.
Stefaan Gielens – CEO Aedifica

This smart metering system will allow us to compare consumption data within our portfolio and identify which buildings would require additional investment to improve their energy performance. We will share all data with our operators, so that they can monitor their consumption (by quickly detecting malfunctions, for example) and launch targeted actions on sustainability to further increase their energy and water efficiency. This way, the installation of the metering system will help us achieve our goal to reduce our carbon emissions by 10%/m² across the entire portfolio by 2025.

  • 80% it is our ambition to measure 80% of our properties’ water and energy consumption by 2025
  • -10% it is our ambition to reduce our CO2 emissions and energy consumption across our portfolio by at least 10%/m² by 2025

For the implementation of the smart metering system, Aedifica teams up with an external company that will be responsible for the technical installation, data reading and data processing. Near the existing main meters of the care homes, measuring instruments will be installed that digitally register the consumption data and transmit them in real time to an internet platform. As the metering system is installed completely independent of the main meter, the care homes will not experience any inconvenience and no unnecessary interruptions of activities will be necessary.

The installation of the smart metering system will take place in two phases. The pilot phase started at the end of July and comprises 12 care homes; the first installation on site will begin in September. During the second phase of the project, which started mid-August, all the other 61 Aedifica care homes in Germany will be equipped with smart meters, the first installations starting in early October. By the end of November, the installation of the meters should be completed in all properties and the platform should be ready for operations.

Preparations are being made for the rollout of the smart metering system in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, while the rollout of the system in Belgian care homes is being continued.

  • 73 we will equip all of our 73 German care homes with a smart metering system