Happy in a new home

When people with care needs move to a residential care centre, they expect to find there – and rightfully so – a new home that allows them to live their lives as they want and are used to. In Malminkartano, near the Finnish capital Helsinki, Aedifica subsidiary Hoivatilat has built such a new home. In December 2022, it opened Tukena Tähtiomena, the new service community for the elderly, children and people with a disability.

A new yet familiar place

One of the first residents is 32-year-old Arto Vitikka. He moved to Malminkartano from another group home. When Arto could finally move in, a broad smile appeared on his face, clearly showing the enthusiasm that he himself could not express in words.

Being able to participate in numerous outdoor activities in the neighbourhood is a particularly important benefit for Arto.
Irja en Veli-Pekka Vitikka – Arto’s parents

Both the interior design of his own room and the communal areas met with approval. Arto enjoyed moving to a brand-new room in a stylish building where other young people also live. His own cosy living space, well-equipped and spacious, which also offers his own homely kitchen, which Arto did not have before. Moreover, while there is enough privacy, there are also sufficient facilities for the young people to seek each other’s company if they wish. The space was designed so that residents can shape their lives as much as possible as they are used to, according to their own tastes and habits.

Arto’s new home is located in familiar surroundings. He has grown up in Malminkartano since he was 10, and nearby Piianpuisto was his favourite place to play. His parents now live just a few kilometres away, making it easy for them to surprise Arto with visits and pastries.

Being able to do his own thing

Hiking is Arto’s greatest passion. He also receives a lot of encouragement from his new home to keep busy with his familiar hobbies: nature club and music school. Being able to participate in numerous outdoor activities in the neighbourhood is a particularly important benefit for him. As such, high-quality care is combined with an independent and fulfilling life in a safe and protected environment.

  • Safety and comfort are key, making the daily lives of tenants, property maintenance and care residents easier and more enjoyable.
    Niko Myntinnen – asset manager


Smart technology

Innovative technological tools enable residents to live as independently as possible, but also provide support in terms of safety, mobility and communication. For example, while respecting privacy, the cloud-based remote control room reports residents’ follow-up alerts 24/7 and regulates ventilation, heating, lighting, etc. This means residents and care staff do not have to worry about these issues.

‘Safety and comfort are key, and with this we make the daily lives of residents, tenants and property maintenance easier and more enjoyable,’ says Niko Myntinnen, who has been Asset Manager at the Finnish Hoivatilat team since 2017.