Aedifica organises 6 musical events for its residents in the Netherlands

Aedifica cares about its residents and always tries to go the extra mile. As research has shown that music therapy is beneficial for the social and emotional skills of elderly people, especially Alzheimer’s patients, we were eager to include musical events in our community engagement programme. During 2023, we therefore treated six care residences in the Netherlands to a classical concert by the Philomela Foundation.

  • The concerts were specifically designed to create lasting memories and were highly appreciated by the residents and care staff. The performances not only brought musical joy, but also served as a reminder of the importance of community engagement and the positive impact it can have.

We specifically chose this initiative because music is an important tool within elderly and dementia care. Music can bring back forgotten memories and improves the social and emotional state of residents. In addition, a concert is a nice way to thank the care personnel.
Erwin Drenth – Country Manager Netherlands

Philomela is a Dutch non-profit organisation that wants to connect people from different ages, cultures, or social backgrounds through classical music in an accessible and interactive way. The foundation creates specific music programmes for the elderly and performs recitals in care homes on a regular basis.