Aedifica included in the BEL ESG Index

Aedifica is included in the BEL ESG, a new index launched today by Euronext Brussels, identifying and tracking the 20 listed companies that demonstrate the best ESG practices.

Three years after entering the BEL 20, the leading share index of Euronext Brussels, Aedifica is rewarded for its corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts by being included in the BEL ESG. This brand-new index is designed to facilitate the adoption of mainstream sustainable investment solutions by investors. It comprises the 20 shares on Euronext Brussels that perform best on ESG criteria, based among other things on their Sustainalytics Risk Rating. At the end of 2022, Aedifica’s Sustainalytics Risk Rating was ‘Low’ with a rating of just 11.1.

Aedifica focuses on sustainability and puts its objectives into practice by, among other things, investing in the (re)development and renovation of care properties (e.g. nearly zero-energy buildings), engaging with operators to reduce their energy consumption, pursuing the highest standards of ethics and compliance and integrating ESG criteria into its financial policy. Aedifica’s ambitious CSR approach is on the right track, as evidenced not only by the share’s inclusion in the BEL ESG, but also by its excellent scores in various ESG assessments. In 2022, the Group improved its GRESB score and MSCI rating as well as its Sustainalytics Risk Rating, while its CSR Report was awarded an EPRA sBPR Gold Award for the third year in a row.

We are honoured that Aedifica has been included from the outset in the new BEL ESG Index, which aggregates the 20 leading ESG stocks on Euronext Brussels. We hope that investors will find their way to our company even more easily through this new index. Moreover, this is a great reward for the CSR efforts our team has made in recent years. Thanks to our ambitious strategy, we will continue to make progress on corporate social responsibility in the years to come.
Stefaan Gielens – CEO