A website that matches our ambitions

Aedifica is blowing out 15 candles this year and has celebrated its birthday exactly the way you expect us to: a generous portion of ambition with corresponding results. After all, since early 2020 we have added Finland and Sweden as new domestic markets and have expanded our real estate portfolio for more than €600 million. The unique way in which Aedifica continues to grow year after year has only increased the enthusiasm and interest in Aedifica’s international success story. Thanks to this new website, we can now tell that story even better.

This website offers a new platform through which we continue the transparent dialogue with our stakeholders.
Stefaan Gielens – CEO Aedifica

In fact, we have gone beyond just giving everything a fresh, colourful look: our objective was to design a platform on which we could organise information more intuitively, communicate our story in a visual and transparent way, and put a spotlight on activities that used to be underexposed.

Feel free to take a look at the new features on our website and do not hesitate to send us your feedback.
After all, we created this website in order to get in touch with you.