• €72m fair value
  • 750 users
  • €5m annual rental income
  • 26 properties
  • 18,400 m² surface
  • 6.5% gross yield

Aedifica’s growth strategy in Sweden is primarily driven by a development pipeline that is continuously supplemented with new projects. As in Finland, our Swedish healthcare properties are designed and developed by our local Hoivatilat team. The first projects in Sweden were delivered in 2020.

We have also expanded our Swedish portfolio through acquisitions. In 2021, we acquired a large portfolio of 16 recent healthcare properties, further strengthening our position in the Swedish market.

Our current portfolio mainly comprises small-scale residential care centres for disabled persons and children day-care centres.

Our properties

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“The acquisition of the portfolio of 16 healthcare properties has an important strategic value, as it has given us the opportunity to increase our visibility in the Swedish market and develop relationships with new operators and municipalities. This opens new opportunities for the further expansion of our portfolio through own developments.”
Maria Frid - Country Manager Sweden