• €646m fair value
  • 3,300 users
  • €36m annual rental income
  • 75 properties
  • 359,500 m² surface
  • 5.5% gross yield

Since our first investments in the Dutch market in 2016, our portfolio has grown significantly. Moreover, since 2019, Aedifica has a local team in Amsterdam with extensive experience and knowledge of the Dutch healthcare real estate market. Aedifica’s presence in the Netherlands will continue to grow over the coming years owing to our significant development pipeline.

In order to further supplement our own pipeline with quality (re)development projects, a partnership with Korian was launched in 2020. In 2021, we signed a partnership with Dunavast-Sonneborgh, a group of experienced real estate developers with an extensive network in the non-profit segment of the Dutch healthcare market, in which Aedifica intends to realise further growth in the future.

Our portfolio in the Netherlands includes care homes, small-scale care residences, seniors apartments and specialist residential care centres. Almost all of our care properties are recently constructed.

Our properties

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“Healthcare real estate for the elderly is no longer just the responsibility of the government, but of all of us. The challenge is immense. Of the 2.4 million over-80s in the Netherlands in a few years' time, a significant proportion will require intensive care. Aedifica wants to be part of the solution, by investing in the construction and redevelopment of futureproof healthcare real estate.”
Erwin Drenth - Country Manager Netherlands

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