Focus on energy performance

In order to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement, our portfolio will need to achieve net zero green house gas emissions by 2050 at the latest. Aedifica has adopted this goal and is developing a pathway towards attaining it. Aligning our real estate portfolio with our sustainability goals will require renovating/redeveloping some of the older buildings in our portfolio.

In order to correctly evaluate the intrinsic energy performance of the infrastructure that we provide to our tenants and to identify additional energy performance improvements in a structured and aligned way, we aim to have EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates) for all buildings in ourportfolio. EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates) were first introduced as part of the EU Directive related to the Energy Performance of Buildings and play a significant role, especially for buildings constructed prior to 2021.

Throughout 2020, we prepared an inventory of the existing certificates in our portfolio, giving us a clear view of the current state of our real estate. Currently, 57% of our assets, including (re)developments, have an EPC (see pie chart). Buildings with an EPC at level C are considered compliant with the country’s standards.

  • As a next step, we will enhance the EPC coverage and assess how to structurally improve the energy efficiency of our buildings, boosting our EPC score by investing in energy-efficient installations, improved insulation and other solutions in underperforming buildings.

Next steps:

  • Regarding new development projects, we will strive to obtain EPC-label A and define a sustainable development framework to provide guidance on how to implement future projects.
  • For existing buildings, renovation/redevelopment plans will be investigated and implemented (see case study Villa Casimir).
  • Sustainable bonds will facilitate investments in sustainable new construction projects or specific sustainability projects in the existing portfolio.
  • Energy inefficient buildings, for which a turnaround is not feasible, will be considered for asset rotation.

Do you want to find out more about Aedifica’s sustainability efforts? Please have a look at our sustainability report.