• €1,303m fair value
  • 8,800 users
  • €70m annual rental income
  • 85 properties
  • 541,458 m² surface
  • 5.4% gross yield

Aedifica acquired its first Belgian care homes in 2006. Since then, we have accumulated a portfolio of care homes and senior apartments of 1.2 billion euros.

The Belgian market is already highly consolidated. Therefore, in addition to looking for new investment projects, we are focusing on the redevelopment and expansion of our current portfolio. In this context, Aedifica has launched a sustainability project for eight Brussels care homes in 2021. By redeveloping these buildings, we futureproof them and make sure that our residents will continue to enjoy high-quality care in a pleasant environment.

Our properties

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“Together with our tenants, we look at how we can make our buildings more sustainable and comfortable. By improving the sustainability of our portfolio, we not only contribute to a solution for the climate crisis, we also have an opportunity to invest in adaptations that improve the quality of life of residents and strengthen social cohesion.”
Stéphanie Lomme - Country Manager Belgium